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Shoparize CSS

The biggest premium Google CSS partner

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Shoparize CSS

The biggest premium Google CSS partner

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Do you want to boost your online results?

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We can help you find the best CSS solutions based on your business needs and goals. With our wide experience as a premium Google Shopping partner, we offer a 20% discount and premium Google support. We will focus on your online results so that you can focus on running your business.

20% cheaper advertising on Google Shopping with a CSS link?

Interesting, tell me more!

According to the new EU regulations, which were implemented in order to create the conditions for fair competition, [in e-commerce], Google Shopping CSS needs to be a standalone and profitable business . This is why Google Shopping withholds a 20% margin on each Cost-per-Click in the Google Shopping auction.

When you switch your Merchant Center association from Google Shopping CSS to a CSS partner, then this 20% margin that keeps Google Shopping profitable stops being withheld. Therefore the bids that you enter the auction with get a 20% increase.

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“If you, as an advertiser on Google, offer €1, €0.20 from that bid goes directly to Google as a service fee, and only €0.80 goes into the auction. In other words: a bid of €0.80 in partnership with a CSS partner has the same value as a bid of €1.00 in partnership with Google Shopping CSS.”

Why Shoparize CSS?

  • The biggest and cheapest (Premium) CSS partner. Big webshops such as Nike, Footlocker, ​​Canon, OTTO, Vero Moda & Bestseller are linked with Shoparize CSS.
  • Free placement on
  • Merchant Center Account association / creation in max 48 hours
  • Active in all 20 European Google Shopping countries
  • Premium CSS Support from Google Shopping experts
  • 1 month free trial
  • Daily terminable
  • 100% independent

What will change for me when I link my Merchant Account with a Google CSS Partner?

(Nothing changes in the current situation)

  • Clicks will automatically redirect to your website
  • The Google Shopping tab is retained
  • We don't advertise with your Shopping Ads
  • You can still manage campaigns by yourself
  • Your automated campaigns will continue to run
  • No loss of historical data
  • Google contacts are retained

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Save up to 20% on your Google Shopping costs

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We are a certified Premium CSS partner of Google.

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